Proud supporter of  CBAS a nd rescue pups. Featured is my beautiful, rambunctious, and cuddly dog Eloise.

Proud supporter of CBAS and rescue pups. Featured is my beautiful, rambunctious, and cuddly dog Eloise.

Practicing yoga is a privilege. And with this privilege comes a duty to be kind, to share a smile, and to offer the yoga from your mat into the rest of your life .
— Maty Ezraty

In my 20’s I was living in the high stress environment of NYC going to school, preforming regularly, and working full time in the service industry. My hormones weren’t in great shape. If you could x-ray my adrenals they would’ve looked like shriveled raisons. Embarking on the path towards my dreams meant hard work, no rest, and a grind my body and mind could not digest. Over time I began to develop all the classic symptoms of imbalance .

Practicing yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and instilling healthier lifestyle choices began to lead me down the yellow brick road to balance. It was a big life shift.

When you know what you don’t want you know what you do want.
— Aberham Hicks

Even though there were many challenges during that chapter of my life I took power from understanding deeply what I didn’t want. I wanted to feel happy, autonomous, and strong as a woman. It’s what drives my work as a doula and yoga teacher. When the spark of knowing ignites in a mother and she begins to understand her power and life force, she is unstopable. To bear witness to this return to knowing is my greatest joy and honor.

Be you, ignite your intuition, and the world will adjust.

After many years of yoga practice I began holding classes and passing on what I’d learned to folks as a teacher. Doula work and teaching yoga to mamas evolved organically. I knew I needed more tools to provide the mothers coming to my open yoga classes with the experience they deserved and so I choose to attend a prenatal yoga training with my now mentor and dear friend Julianna Mitchell. The deep love for this work cultivated here are thereafter led me to move away from teaching open yoga classes and begin shifting my focus to working only with moms .

Doula work came organically as well and I attended my first birth after training with Eileen Stewart at Life Cycles in Buffalo, NY in 2013. I’ve been attending families ever since and currently work with two to three families a month.

Over the last 7 years of teaching mamas I continue to learn and grow with every class, mom, and relationship built. The path of learning and joy of connecting never ends.

I love working as a teacher and doula. Maintaining relationship with my teachers, mentors, the birthing community in Buffalo, the DONA community and my daily yoga practice feed my growth and teaching.

It takes a village.

When I’m not attending births, teaching classes, and facilitating workshops you will find me at my yoga school, Ashtanga Yoga Buffalo. For more on my yoga experience and Authorization through KPJAYI see the Bio page at the AYB site. 

Currently, I live in the Elmwood Village in a cozy apartment with my dog Eloise and the ever beautiful feline Mr. Buddha. We are frequented by friends, my partner and family for porch chats, laughs and rummy 500.